Pre-school age Karate

There’s no doubt about it: pre-school age children look adorable in karate uniforms! But martial arts training for this age group provide more than cute photo and video opportunities to share on Facebook™, Instagram™, or Pinterest™. Many of the same benefits that older children, teenagers, and adults receive as a result of training in a quality martial arts program can be gained by kids age three to four  years old. That’s on a slightly smaller scale, of course!

Pre-School age Karate is a great tool for getting young children started on a physical fitness routine. Exercise can actually be fun! It helps prevent obesity, and develops better focus and gross motor skills. Pre-schoolers develop self-confidence practicing martial arts in a setting designed specially for children. They are taught valuable pre-school lessons like kindness and honesty that will help shape the rest of their lives.  Children develop these life skills and use them at home and at school. Even daycare workers and schoolteachers notice the difference.

Courtesy, self-control, and other traits improve across all ages through karate training. The basic elements of a martial arts program designed for pre-school age karate children are the same. Pre-schoolers are taught to respect one another as well as their teachers, parents, and instructors. Mind and body improve with help from caring, capable, and experienced martial arts role models.

With focus on attention and awareness, instructors prepare very young “karate kids” to become good students. Pre-school age karate students are taught – at a level appropriate for their ages – to memorize form, technique, and quality within the martial arts. They learn to apply their life lessons at home and at daycare. This helps children learn memory skills essential for success in school and beyond. Martial arts give pre-school age kids a solid foundation from which to build their bright futures.


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Adult Martial Arts Classes

Karate is a lifelong sport – it is never too late to start. Our adult programs get you in shape while mastering self-defense techniques.

Our adult martial arts curriculum is offered to adults and teenagers. Students learn the techniques and forms of the Shaolin Kempo Karate system and how to apply them to real life self defense situations. As you progress you will be developing the muscles in your body while working on improving flexibility, building up your stamina, and relieving stress.

In our adult martial arts classes you will learn real life self-defense techniques while getting in shape, having fun and making new friends. All in an environment that is motivating and fun!

Another great thing about our adult martial arts classes is that you are always learning something every time you come in! Does that happen at the gym? I don’t think so! Be honest, it’s the new year, you’ve set some physical goals and you are planning to go to the gym, just like you did last year and the year before and the year before that. You start off motivated, goals can do that for you, but then life throws you a curve ball, you get sidetrack and the cycle repeats itself and once again you find yourself NOT going to the gym for whatever reason.

Why is that? isn’t the gym exciting? NO! Aren’t you learning cool new stuff? NO! Aren’t you leaving the gym feeling better about yourself? NO! Isn’t the environment full of positive people motivating you to do your best? NO! Are you getting my point? Don’t get me wrong, the gym can be great for some people, but for most it is exactly how I described it above!

However, in our adult martial arts classes you will experience all of those things! You will find class very exciting, You will learn new moves and new things about yourself every class! You will leave class feeling proud of yourself and also very relaxed. And you will be surrounded by people doing the same thing!

Don’t you think it’s time you broke the cycle? :)

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